Construction Manager Services

Request for Qualifications

Construction Management Services

The Maroa-Forsyth School District Board of Education is soliciting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from qualified firms to provide comprehensive Construction Management as Constructor Services. The District requests interested firms to submit a Statement of Interest and Qualifications. The Request for Qualifications and details about the project may be obtained by accessing the District’s website at or by contacting the Superintendent, Dr. John Ahlemeyer at (217) 794-3488, Ext. 5103.

The Maroa-Forsyth School District invites all interested and qualified firms to submit a statement of interest and qualifications to provide construction management services to the District in response to the RFQ. Please email a .pdf and mail or drop off ten hard copies of your firm’s interest and qualifications by Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm in a sealed envelope.

In an effort to promote a fair, quality-based selection process, the District specifically requests that firms submitting their qualifications direct all questions through Mr. John Ahlemeyer, Superintendent of Schools.

It is the intent of the District to utilize Minority and Female Business Enterprises (MBE/FBE) in the construction of the school facilities in the District and the District encourages certified MBE/FBEs to submit Statements of Qualifications.

Construction Managers shall comply with the Illinois Human Rights Act, the rules of the Illinois Department of Human Rights, and the laws and rules applicable to public contracts, including without limitation equal opportunity and refraining from unlawful discrimination.

The Maroa-Forsyth School District is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees, candidates for employment, and contractors and will not discriminate against any employee, candidate for employment, or contractor on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or other class protected by law.

The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any or all technicalities required for the best interest of the District.

Request for Qualifications

The Board of Education for the Maroa-Forsyth School District is soliciting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from qualified firms to provide comprehensive Construction Management Services to assist the School District in the planning (pre-construction), bidding, construction, close-out and occupancy of the planned improvements.

Maroa-Forsyth School District invites all interested and qualified firms to submit a statement of qualifications to provide construction management services to the District in response to the RFQ. The Board of Education has adopted goals and strategic initiatives, one of which is to increase opportunities for minority and women-owned firms to provide services to the District. In keeping that goal, the District welcomes statements of qualifications from such firms. The District intends to select one firm for the project.

The Maroa-Forsyth School District is BLDD Architects, Inc.

The Maroa-Forsyth School District Board of Education intends to select a Construction Manager as Constructor firm based on qualifications and then enter into contract negotiations. The form of contract shall be AIA Document A133-2009 Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor where the basis of payment is the Cost of Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

This RFQ is not an Invitation to Bid; responses will be evaluated on the basis of the relative merits of the Qualifications. There will be no public opening or reading or responses received by the School District pursuant to this request.

Statements of Interest and Qualifications Submission

Statements of Interest and Qualifications are due by May 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm (CST). Timely delivery is at the risk of the respondent firm. Any submissions received after the deadline will be rejected.

The District will only accept written responses with an electronic copy on an electronic storage device. Timely delivery of submissions is the responsibility of the Respondent.

Please submit ten (10) bound copies and one digital copy (submitted with the bound copies and USB flash drive) to:

John Ahlemeyer Superintendent Maroa-Forsyth School District 641 E. Shafer St., Forsyth, IL 62535

Qualifications must be enclosed in a sealed envelope (or other sealed container): the submission must clearly display “Request for Qualifications – Construction Management Services for Maroa-Forsyth School District” and the respondent’s name.

Submittals should be prepared as standard 8-1/2” x 11” letter size, and shall be limited to 75 pages, exclusive of required attachments. Adherence to the maximum page criterion is critical. Each page side with criteria information will be counted toward the maximum number of pages. Front and back covers, table of contents pages and tabbed divider pages will not be counted if they do not contain submittal information.

District Schedule to Award the CM Services

  • RFQ Released: May 4, 2020
  • Last date to submit questions/clarifications: May 15, 2020
  • RFQ Due to District: May 19, 2020
  • RFQ Interview List Released: May 26, 2020
  • Interview Process: June 11-12, 2020
  • Committee recommends firm for Board Approval: June 17, 2020
  • Award by the Board of Education: June 22, 2020

Respondents’ Inquiries and Addenda

Questions regarding the bid should be directed to John Ahlemeyer, Superintendent who can be reached at (217) 794-3488, Ext. 5103, or via email at

Any responses to questions, or changes in this RFQ, shall be issued in writing as an addendum. Respondents must acknowledge addenda received as part of their submissions. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect.

All potential respondents are prohibited from making any contact with District staff or the Board of Education with regard to the RFQ other than the Superintendent of Schools as designated herein. The Superintendent of Schools reserves the right to disqualify any respondent found to have contacted those listed above in any manner with regard to this RFQ.

General Information, Notifications and Purpose

Maroa-Forsyth School Distrct will seek to enter into an agreement with the top-ranked candidate firm.

Respondents are advised to carefully review all sections of this RFQ carefully, and to follow instructions completely, as failure to make a complete submission as described elsewhere herein may result in rejection of the submittal. Qualifications which depart from or materially alter the terms, requirements, or scope of work defined by this Request will be rejected as being nonresponsive.

Joint venture and cooperative qualifications may be considered, provided that their use is clearly indicated in the submitted qualifications.

General Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this Request for Qualification is to identify an experienced Construction Management Services firm with the best combination of qualifications, to develop the program efficiently and effectively with respect to process, quality control, safety, time and cost.

Construction Manager as Constructor (CM/c)

The CM will all hold the contracts after assignment by the Board and thus undertake the schedule risk, have greater control of the finances/allowances once awarded, issue the checks/administer pay requests and will provide contract enforcement administration.

The District reserves the right to award contracts for various types projects to multiple or single respondents. The School District reserves the right to waive informalities and irregularities in the qualifications received. The School District reserves the right to terminate this RFQ at any stage and/or reissue a subsequent solicitation. The District will remedy or waive technical errors in the RFQ process as is in the best interest of the District.

The Respondent(s) whose submittal(s) is deemed to be the most qualified, advantageous and in the School District’s best interests as determined by the selection committee may be submitted to the Board of Education for approval. The Board of Education may act to approve, reject or delay award of the contract based on the recommendation of the selection committee.

The School District reserves the right to contact any Respondent for clarification, additional interviews, negotiate or terminate negotiations if such is deemed desirable by the School District.

All proposals must comply with applicable Illinois law including the payment of prevailing wages by all contractors working on public work projects and Criminal Background Investigation, Proposals must comply with the Illinois statutory requirements regarding labor, including equal employment opportunity laws. (The District may elect to allow a CM to bid the work. If so, they must comply with the prevailing wage act)

All costs associated with developing or submitting qualifications in response to this request, or to provide oral or written clarification of its content shall be borne by the respondent. School District assumes no responsibility for these costs. This RFQ does not commit the School District to pay any costs incurred in preparation for submission of a response or in anticipation of a contract.

This RFQ does not commit the School District to enter into a contract. The School District reserves the right to reject any/all submissions, award one contract, award multiple contracts, or delay award of contract(s) beyond the date specified, in response to this RFQ.

Project Information

The project is subject to approval of budgets and funding by the Board of Education. The Board may suspend the project at any stage up to and including following receipt of bids. The project scope is as follows:

  • 82,000 SF middle school (grades 6-8) addition to the existing high school. The project will include educational spaces, administration area, athletic components, fine arts auditorium, dining/kitchen, demolition of existing middle school, new parking and site work.
  • Total Project Budget = $33,000,000.
  • Project Schedule – See attached

Selection Criteria and Process

The tentative date for the presentations (subject to change as may be required) is June 1112, 2020. A reasonable inquiry for additional information may be conducted by the District as to respondents’ past performance, financial stability, and ability to perform on schedule, within budget, and in a fashion which results in customer satisfaction with quality results.

The timing of the research may precede or follow the interview process as determined in the best interest of the District. Respondents are solely responsible to promptly supply additional information to the District in connection with such inquiries. The promptness, accuracy, and cooperation of respondents in responding to such inquiries may be grounds for determination of non-responsiveness as determined by the District.

A final evaluation of all the presenting Respondents will be made by the Selection Committee in order to determine the best qualified for the project.

The Selection Committee shall determine the selection of respondents for the interview process by reviewing the written qualifications of the respondents based on the responses to the RFQ. A “short list” of no more than three (3) to five (5) firms will be developed. These firms will be invited to make a presentation before the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of six (6) members recommended by the Superintendent of Schools with approval of the Maroa-Forsyth School District Board of Education.

The Selection Committee will be making a recommendation to the Board of Education on the chosen Respondent upon completion of the interview process. The Selection Committee may force rank the firms making the presentations to determine a recommendation or immediately reach a recommendation. Each of interviewed respondents shall be evaluated on their qualifications.

Recommendation by the selection committee is based on the combination of the proposers response to the Submittal Requirements, the composition and qualifications of the proposer’s staff for this project and the interview process.

The Selection Committee recommended firm will be submitted to the Maroa-Forsyth School Board of Education for approval. The School District, following Board Approval, may then enter negotiations with the selected firm and ultimately execute a contract upon completion of negotiated contract terms and fees. The final contract terms and fees must be approved by the Board of Education.

Maroa-Forsyth School District reserves the right to reject any and all statements of qualifications received as a result of the Request for Qualifications or to negotiate in any manner necessary to serve the best interest of the District.

Scope of Construction Management Services

The construction manager’s scope of work shall include, but not be limited to, the following list of services:



  • The construction manager (CM) shall attend and participate In all design phase team meetings.
  • The CM shall prepare a site logistics and utilization plan for review by the Owner.
  • Consultation: Attend regular planning and design meetings with the Owner and Architect/Engineer.
  • Work Schedule: Prepare and maintain a comprehensive project schedule that includes design, bidding, construction and close-out milestones.
  • Cost Estimates: Provide detailed cost estimates at each major design milestone. This schematic design, design development, 50% and 100% construction documents. Provide input during design meetings to assist the Owner and Architect/Engineer in making cost-effective decisions to maintain the project budget and schedule.
  • Purchasing: Recommend, as necessary, the pre-purchase of materials with long lead time.
  • Phased Construction: Assist with the preparation of a plan for phased construction if necessary.
  • Construction Document Review: Provide detailed document review to identify potential constructability challenges. If the document review identifies any errors or omissions, notify the Owner and Architect/Engineer.
  • Bid Management: Prepare Advertisement for Bids, Invitation to Bid, Contractor’s PreQualification Forms and Bid Forms to procure the necessary trades to complete the project. Solicit interest in the project with the appropriate subcontractor and vendor markets necessary for a successful project. Conduct Pre-Bid Meetings, Bid Opening Meeting and prepare a bid analysis for the Owner and Architect/Engineer that includes any necessary MBE/FBE requirements.
  • Subcontractor Bid Review: Perform subcontractor bid review to ensure completeness and quality.
  • Provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal.
  • Estimating: The CM shall provide the following estimates:


The CM shall provide the following estimates:

  • Schematic Document
  • 100% Design Development Document
  • 50% Construction Document
  • 100% Construction Documents
  • Provide a sample work product of the estimate


  • Develop a detailed master project schedule immediately upon award. This schedule should be developed using a nationally recognized computerized scheduling program. The schedule will include all phases of the work: program development, design, bidding, Board approval of the contracts and all construction activities through close out of the project.
  • Provide a sample work product of the schedule.

Construction Phase Services:

  • General Administration - Maintain a competent and sufficient number of full-time field staff to administer the work of the project, coordinate, and supervise the work. The CM shall conduct weekly meetings with the project team and all trade contractors and prepare and distribute meeting minutes for all parties. During early phases of the project, conduct MEP coordination meetings as necessary to facilitate effective: use of interstitial spaces.
  • Reporting/Communication - On a weekly basis prepare a detailed project report updating the Owner with cost, schedule, safety, quality and other pertinent project facts. Maintain a daily log of construction activities and photographic log of the projects' progress. On a weekly basis, hold an informational meeting with the user groups and other Owner personnel to provide with an overall update of the projects' progress. Develop and maintain computerized information management systems to monitor costs, requests for information, change order status, submittals and all other project information.
  • Project Accounting - On a monthly basis, gather all trade contractor and supplier invoices and summarize overall project billing in a format acceptable to the Owner. Process payment requests and collect waivers from trade contractors and suppliers. Review, negotiate and recommend action regarding all trade contractor change order requests prior to submission to architect and Owner for review. Continuously incorporate changes into the overall project budget to maintain an accurate estimate of total project costs. Obtain the required bonds and insurance certificates from all contractors and suppliers.
  • Requests for Information/Submittals - Review and forward to the architect and/or Owner all trade contractor requests for information and submittals. Maintain a date sensitive computerized log of all such documents indicating current status of each.
  • Permits/Inspections - Secure all necessary local, state and federal permits, inspections and certificates of occupancy for the new and renovated facilities.
  • Self Performance - Describe the work that the CM intends to self perform.
  • O&M Manuals/As-Built - Prepare and turn over all O & M manuals for all equipment to the Owner. Throughout the project maintain an accurate set of as-built documents for the Owner incorporating all aspects of the construction.
  • Training/Start Up - Coordinate equipment training for appropriate staff of the Owner to ensure smooth transition of building operation. Administer start up and testing of all equipment by manufacturer’s representatives.
  • Warranty - Obtain appropriate guarantees and warranties from all applicable trade contractors and suppliers. Provide copies or same to Owner. Enforce provisions of warranties and guarantees with appropriate parties.


Qualifications should include information regarding the proposer's experience and approach relating to the subsequent design and construction phases of the Project. RFQ submission must include the following:

  • Letter of Transmittal - A one-page Letter of Transmittal signed by an owner, officer, or authorized agent of the firm or organization, acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of this Request. The letter must contain a commitment to provide both the services described herein and the personnel proposed for the assignment. The Letter of Transmittal should identify all addenda received by the Respondent. Joint Ventures require signatures from all firms participating in the Venture.
  • Executive Summary - The executive summary is intended to highlight the contents of the Proposal and to provide the School District evaluators with a broad understanding of the Respondent’s technical approach and ability.
  • General Information:
    • Name, address and telephone of firm including involvement in industry organizations
    • Name and title of contact person
    • Name of officers in firm and an organizational chart (one page)
    • Brief history of firm (one page)
    • Overview of specific qualifications and projects within the K-12 school market (3-5 pages)
    • Names of school districts and descriptions of the work for long range facilities plans performed by your firm
    • Additional information that the Respondent feels is a unique qualification and is of direct benefit to the District.


  • Required Project Staff
    • Provide a full-time, experienced and well qualified on-site supervisor to oversee all construction work and manage assigned subcontractors. Represent the Owner's interest and ensure all work is performed in a quality manner and meets the project requirements.
    • Project Management: Provide experienced and well qualified staff to manage schedule, subcontractor submittals, Requests for Information (RFIs), pay applications, lien waivers and insurance certificates.
  • Quality Control: Lead all on-site QA/QC efforts and coordinate with the Architect’s construction administration staff. Ensure all subcontractors and vendors are adhering to all quality standards set forth in the project specifications.
  • Site Safety: In coordination with the Owner and Architect/Engineer, develop a site-specific safety plan that keeps students, staff and the public safe at all times.
  • Logistics Plan: In coordination with the Owner and Architect/Engineer, develop a schematic site plan showing construction limits, staging areas and site access/egress points.
  • Progress Meetings: Conduct regular progress meetings on the project site with the Owner and Architect/Engineer.
  • Monthly Reports: Provide monthly schedule, progress and cost reports to the Owner and Architect/Engineer.
  • Pay Requests: Manage monthly subcontractor and vendor pay requests.
  • Attend Board of Education meetings as required and provide project status report.


The education, training and qualifications of the proposed project staff including; Principal-in-Charge, Project Executive, Project Manager, and Construction Superintendent for this Project. Describe total experience in construction management of each of the proposed Project Team Members. Note separately projects performed by personnel while with another firm and/or organization. (Please note that each CM may vary the type and amount of staff assigned to the Project. Each CM will have to justify the inclusion or exclusion of staff for the project. The District must make a selection based on their unique needs and desires)

a) Project Executive (minimum 10 years experience in K-12 Projects)

b) Project Manager (minimum 10 years experience in K-12 Projects)

c) Construction Superintendent(minimum 10 years experience in K-12 Projects)

d) Assistant Superintendent (if Needed)

e) Project Engineer (if needed)

f) Administrative Staff

g) Safety Personnel

h) Any other assigned staff


Profile several educational clients and/or projects specifically related to our construction management needs that have been performed within recent years.

Provide a brief overview of other K-12 school districts your firm has worked with that illustrates the depth, experience and service capabilities of your firm with K-12 school clients:

a) Number of years the Firm has provided Construction Management Service for school projects.

b) Number of projects of similar scope and type your firm has completed in the past five years.

c) Project name, location and School District: Name, title, telephone number and email of School District contact

d) Name, address, telephone number and email of project architect

e) Project description including size in square feet, schedule, and services provided

f) Describe your master planning process your firm has developed that illustrates the depth, experience and service capabilities of your firm.

g) Define your insurance coverage and bonding limits

List all Construction Management Projects that your firm is currently involved with, and the estimated value of each. Include state of completion and contact person.

List five (5) contractor references with whom your organization has worked with in the past twelve (12) months. Submit company name, contact person, and phone number. Supporting Data: Include any other supporting data which you feel will assist the District in evaluation of your firm.


a) Provide a brief overview of your firm including the number of years the firm has provided construction management services.

b) Describe how you view and approach the role of District Construction Manager in partnering with the School District and Architect.

c) Describe the firm’s approach to developing bid packages, managing the bid process and awarding trade contracts. Approach to public bidding, understating and experience with public bidding law, bid review and negotiation.

d) Describe the firm's handling of "change orders" during construction.

e) Describe the firm's handling of “cash allowances” included in the contractor’s bid.

f) Familiarity with State and Federal Grants

g) Describe how you provide cost estimates including outlining the phases of the project and detail of the work. Discuss the approach to cost reduction at various points in the design, bidding, and construction process. Provide an example of proposed cost reduction developed on a recent project during the pre-construction phase.

h) How does the firm schedule a project from the earliest conceptual stages through construction? How does the firm maintain project schedules? Firm’s approach in providing fast track or accelerated construction.

i) Describe the firm’s approach to integrating quality assurance during the pre-construction phase and maintaining quality assurance during the construction phase.

j) Approach to close-out, equipment start-up and follow-up on construction related issues including warranty


Litigation and Ethics Information: List any current or concluded litigation involving your company within the past three (s) years specifically including Client involvement. Describe your company’s involvement in the matter and the outcome of the matter if concluded.


The Construction Manager shall describe their Services Fee Structure in detail

a. Staff Hourly Rates-List all staff for project

b. Typical General Conditions Cost Structure (minimum list for “apples to apples comparison) Identify if the following are additional costs, included in the base outlined fee structure or purchased through the trade bids.

c. Professional Fee

d. Insurance

e. Bonding Rate

f. Builders Risk Insurance

g. Describe Allowances that may be included in trade packages for bidding.

The RFQ submittal should include only the information requested and it MUST be organized exactly as indicated. Additional information provided may be viewed as a non-conforming response and may note be considered for evaluation.

Maroa-Forsyth School District – Miscellaneous Additions and Renovations Date:

Fee Proposal

It is anticipated Maroa-Forsyth School District will enter into a contract with a Construction Manager using the AIA A133-2009 STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGER as Constructor, where the basis of payment is the Cost of Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Provide a Lump Sum Fee for Pre-Construction Services for each Design Phase listed below.

  • Phase 1: Schematic Design
    • A/E to develop schematic floor plans
    • CM to assist A/E during design to develop cost effective design
    • Deliverables to Owners from consultants include:
      • Schematic Floor Plans
      • Schematic Site Plan showing building location on proposed site by A/E
      • Updated design narrative describing Architectural Character of the building by A/E
      • Updated Buildings and Site cost estimate prepared by Construction Manager
  • Phase 2: Design Development and Final Construction Documents
    • A/E to develop Final Construction Documents necessary for final pricing and building permits.
    • CM to provide Final Guaranteed Maximum Price for all Site and Building Construction
    • Deliverables to Owner from consultants include:
      • Final Construction Documents for Site and Building prepared by A/E
      • Final Guaranteed Maximum Price prepared by the Construction Manager

Provide a Construction Phase Fee as a "percentage of actual Cost of Work" as defined by Article 6 in the referenced contract form. All office-based administrative costs (Project Manager, accounting, clerical, etc. ) shall be included in the CM Fee.

Complete the attached "General Conditions Matrix" to identify the cost items as included in either the General Conditions, Pre-Construction Services or in the CM Fee. For the General Conditions column, provide an estimate of cots associated with providing this work. One of these three columns MUST be filled in for each item in this list except those items already shown to be in either the Provided by Owner or in the Bid Packages columns.