Grant Requests

Our grant application and process have recently changed!

Grant Parameters

  • No administration expenses will be allowed.
  • Limit of major grant award is $5,000.
  • Only Maroa-Forsyth School District staff may apply for these grants.
  • Foundation grants can only be used to complete the objectives of the grant. If the actual cost is less than proposed, additional items cannot be substituted.
  • We ask that all grant winners submit updates, summaries, or photographs to the Foundation of the grant materials being used in a classroom or fulfilling the grant application’s purpose. Specific grant requirements will be explained on the grant approval letter.
  • Grants may be submitted to the Foundation at any time and will be award twice per year. The Spring grant application deadline is March 15; the Fall grant application deadline is October 15. Grant recipients will be announced by April 15 and November 15.

Grant Requirements

Grant applications should include a detailed description of the proposed project including the primary objectives and expected outcomes, an explanation of the target population, number of students impacted, and describe the ways in which the proposed project will have a long-term effect on improving education of your targeted population.

Where to Submit Applications

To apply, please complete our newly simplified grant form available online as a Google Form.

Grant Application