Friday Announcement from Dr. Ahlemeyer

May 07, 2021

Greetings MTF Families!

Please see below our weekly COVID numbers. We have had nearly 4 weeks in a row of extremely low numbers and our data is trending with all the other regional, state, and national data sources which is why we all keep hearing about restrictions being lifted more and more heading into the next 6 weeks.

To all of the mothers out there, have a super Happy Mother's Day 2021...thanks for all the incredible things you do being a mom!!

Have a fantastic weekend,


COVID Weekly District Data (April 30 - May 7)

# of staff quarantined - 0

# of symptomatic positive test staff - 0

# of staff quarantined total - 0

# of students quarantined - 23

# of symptomatic positive test students - 0

# of students quarantined total - 23

Total # quarantined cases - 23

Total # of positive cases - 0


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