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October 19, 2018

End of 1st quarter wins, thoughts, and cheers

I hope all are doing well on this Friday...the school year tends to have moods just like people go through...and certainly as we close the 1st quarter of the school year and head into 2nd quarter we can all get bogged down with the daily demands & aggravations of our jobs and we can for sure feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and impatient with changes both inflicted upon us or self-inflected. Plus, while some seem to enjoy every season, others feel down as the daylight shortens and/or even feel dread/stressed about the upcoming holiday seasons. The point is, we can (including me for sure) begin to lose perspective on what is important...which is our relationships with each other, having fun learning and being together, being patient with ourselves and each other, and finally going about our life with faith.


  • 7th & 8th Girls Basketball Teams Seeded # 1 in Regional Competition - Good luck!
  • HS Girls Volleyball Seeded #1 in Regional Competition - Good luck!
  • The Mindfulness Challenge at the MS/HS - Thanks Stacy Goodwin!
  • The Heart Challenge at the MS - Thanks Brenda Livingood!
  • "I Sing Because I'm Happy" Awesome Grades 6-12 1st Time Sunday Concert - Impressive...outstanding job students and Mr. W!
  • One School One Book Program (Refugee) - Way to go MS!
  • MS Staff Development Book Study, The Innovators Mindset - Way to grow!
  • GS Entire Staff School-Wide Revamp of RTI - Outstanding job to all for putting the time in, making the changes, and trusting a new system that reaches every child!
  • HS Football - They have been bringing it all wishes for the W tonight to take home first outright Sangamo Conf. Champs...can't wait to see the playoff picture unfold!
  • SW Services at GS - Way to go Jessica Hill for delivering sound instructional classroom lessons to all kids regarding "Zones of Regulation."
  • HS Students FCA - We have a large group of students interested in starting again a Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)...our kids are winning on many levels!
  • GS In-House Food Pantry - So awesome that our GS is doing Community Outreach working with local churches to produce food kits that go home with students to families in need!
  • New HS Art Club - Way to go Michelle Sendy for getting this club up and going...already so many cool things going on and looking forward to more!
  • Band Program - Only in 2nd Year of entering competitions...have secured 2nd and 3rd place recently in separate competitions and have been featured on WICS for a growing program!
  • All Staff New to MTF - Congrats to all for making it through the first 25% of the are all doing a great job and we so happy you are a part of the team here!


  • Don't hope for a life without problems. There's no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.
  • Often the only difference between a problem being painful or being powerful is a sense we chose it, and are responsible for it.
  • I say don't find yourself. I say know who you are. Because that's what keeps you striving and discovering.
  • Everything comes at the right time. Be patient and trust the process.

Need to Know

Principal Appreciation Week October 21-27, 2018 - We are blessed to have Kris Kahler, Carrie Reynolds, and Brice Stewart serve our schools, students, staff, families, and communities! Principals have very difficult jobs and they get pulled in many directions. I hope you join me next week in recognizing their courage, talents, & commitment they give all of us on a daily basis. While they are usually in this role, it is important we recognize and encourage them next week and every day! Thank you Kris, Carrie, and Brice!

Have a great weekend! Go Trojans!!

With Maroa-Forsyth Trojan Pride,


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