Happy 3-Day Weekend Friday

October 05, 2018

Congrats to several of our undefeated sports teams and updates on several new projects!

Happy 3-Day Weekend 😁 Friday,

You might have noticed my updates will now be every other week unless there is something urgent to communicate.


  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences - As you are aware, the district is in the process of undergoing many CHANGES this year. As I have mentioned, CONNECTION & COLLABORATION are always more important than any change or just about anything else for that matter. I am very appreciative regarding the quality, thoughtfulness, and time you put into the conferences this week as this forum provided an opportunity for deeper connection and more advanced collaboration between school, student, and family. Having said that, as we continue to find additional and creative ways with advanced technology to always be sharing information and always be accessible to the students and families we serve, I wonder if over time the focus of the traditional parent-teacher conference may change not just for our school district but all schools?
  • HS Volleyball- Undefeated in the Sangamo Conference...Senior Night is Monday!
  • 8th Grade Girls Basketball - Undefeated 7-0 on the season!
  • Football - Undefeated 6-0...Qualified for playoffs!


  • Don't confuse your path with your destination. Just because it's stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine.
  • Nobody else is ever responsible for your situation but you.
  • When your mood randomly goes from happy to sad, it's often an indication that you're missing someone...or you are just hungry.
  • Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we are always responsible for our experiences...the point is, we are always choosing, whether we recognize it or not. Always.

Need to Know

  • Strategic Plan Update - Thank you to those who filled out the satisfaction survey...over 150 parents, community and staff responded so it will be a good set of data for the strategic planning team to pour over...that team is set and has their first meeting next week October 10th...attached is a list of the 36 members (thank you so much in advance to all for the time they will be putting in)...and, I'm proud to say there will be "student voice" on this team.
  • Safety Update - New entry cameras have been installed at the GS/MS. The GS now has the ability to have a double door buzz in system. The Board approved work to be done at the HS for a double door buzz in system/new entry cameras and the Board approved to start with the GS regarding a new key less access entry system at all entrance points. Finally for now, in the coming days the secretaries will be trained on the new visitor ID badge system...with the hope of starting to use that 2nd quarter (Monday, October 22). We will methodically continue to forge ahead with improvements to our schools related to school safety and I will keep you posted.
  • Flexibility, Fun, & Faith - Full disclosure, I am not happy with how the year has started related to our new copiers and Skyward. To be completely transparent, I did not anticipate these transitions would take so long and be so difficult...I take full responsibility for these challenges...I am still 100% confident these moves were the right ones to make and will pay off in the end (faith)...so, I continue to ask of you and appreciate your flexibility as I'm afraid this entire school year will be a learning process.

I hope you have a weekend filled with lots of FUN!

Take Care,


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