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April 16, 2020

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Middle School Referendum

On March 17, following nearly a year of work by the steering committee looking into what to do about the current middle school building, the middle school referendum went on the ballot, stating: "Shall the Board of Education of Maroa-Forsyth Community Unit School District #2, Macon and DeWitt Counties, Illinois, build and equip a new middle school building on the existing MaroaForsyth Middle School site, demolish the existing Maroa-Forsyth Middle School Building, alter, repair and equip the Maroa-Forsyth High School Building, improve school sites and issue bonds of said School District to the amount of $33,000,000 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof?"

The referendum passed, with supporters representing 57% of the votes. Maroa-Forsyth Superintendent John Ahlemeyer said a timeline for moving forward on the middle school project can't be finalized yet, thanks to the coronavirus situation and other factors. The school board has to wait until the election results are canvassed, and will plan to accept those results at the April 27 meeting.

After a timeline is finalized, six months will be spent on design. Community, parents, and students will be asked for their input. It will be 12 months before we see any physical work being done. The soonest the new middle school will open is fall 2023.

High School Choir Sings at U of I Men's Basketball Game

For the first time ever, the Maroa-Forsyth High School choir sang the National Anthem at the University of Illinois men's basketball game against Nebraska. A video of the performance shared on social media has been viewed almost 10,000 times.

Macon County Spelling Bee Winners from Maroa-Forsyth

Maroa-Forsyth Middle School students Arnav Kolluru and Katherine Niles were named the Macon County Spelling Bee champion and runner-up. They competed against other grade school and middle school students from Macon County. Arnav, Katherine, Isabella Nilles, and Saarah Quereshi will compete in the Regional Spelling Bee.

Camp Read A Lot

Camp Read a Lot provided an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate reading. Students could also read to therapy dogs! Therapy dogs have joined in on the fun for the past two years. This is the third year for this event, which was open to all ages.

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