Weather Guidelines – School Closing

When it comes to closing school due to weather conditions, we approach this decision with the safety and well-being of our students as our highest priority.

We understand that our decisions impact all families in various ways. With that in mind, what follows is a framework for how such decisions are made.

  • The Superintendent makes the final decision to keep schools open or closed.
  • Multiple factors go into school closing decision such as:
    • Weather forecasts from multiple agencies.
    • Outside temperature & wind chill.
    • Amount of snow & accumulated.
    • Timing of weather events.
    • Snow drifting & visibility.
    • Building conditions related to heat & electricity.
    • Parking lot & sidewalk conditions.
    • Condition of the Bus Fleet
    • Reports from Road Commissioners
    • Discussions with surrounding area School District Superintendents
  • Decisions to close school are made by 6:00 AM at the latest and if possible the night before. Decisions for early dismissal due to bad weather is attempted to be made by 11:00 AM.
  • School closing announcements are communicated via all official school district social media accounts, automated Skylert/School Messenger system (voice, text, email), and local media outlets.
  • If school is not in session it is the general rule that all athletic and extra-curricular activities including practices will be cancelled. However, depending on the timing of the weather event, it is possible that these activities will not be cancelled. Participants and the parents of impacted activities will be notified accordingly.
  • Road conditions alone are sometimes the deciding factor for school closings and are prioritized by looking at main streets/highways in the school district used for bus routes/stops, parking lots of the school buildings, and finally side streets, cul-de-sacs, or streets where bus routes or stops are not located (please remember when the school district is talking to road commissioners for Maroa & Hickory Point, conditions can vary widely due to the number of miles between the boundaries of those communities…a bad report from one area can cause all of our schools to be closed).
  • Excessive cold alone could cause a school closing. The following guidelines related to “sustained wind chill throughout the day” are used to determine a school closing: 0 to -20 below = school likely to be open, -20 to -25 = school may be open, -25 or colder = school will likely close.