May 09, 2023

For the 2023-2024 school year the Maroa-Forsyth CUSD #2 will be checking the residency of all students.

As we start to look forward to the 2023-2024 school year, we are going to be updating residency information for all students as they register for next school year. It is important to periodically audit all of our residency information to verify accuracy. After this year, residency of all students will be checked with Pre-K and Kindergarten screening, third grade, sixth grade, and ninth grade.

Online registration will open July 1st as it has in previous years. There will be a link where you can upload your residency documentation on the Skyward Registration Portal. You can also scan and email the documentation to the building secretaries, mail copies to the school, or drop them off at your child’s school starting August 9th.

If your child was screened for Kindergarten or Pre-K for the 2023-2024 school year you will not need to provide the documentation again. If you have children in multiple buildings you will only provide this information to one building and the secretaries will communicate to confirm it has been received.

All three pieces of residency documentation are necessary.

Type I (One document required)

  • Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment (canceled check or form 1098)
  • Mortgage papers
  • Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment (canceled check or receipt)
  • Letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment (canceled check or receipt)
  • Letter of residence in lieu of a lease (Board Policy 7.60-E1)
  • Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student living with a District resident (7.60 E-2)

Type II (Two documents required)

  • Driver’s license with correct name and address
  • Vehicle registration with correct name and address
  • Voter registration with correct name and address
  • Most recent utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable television)
  • Current public aid card
  • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipt
  • Receipt for a moving van rental
  • Mail received at the new address with correct name

Please make sure this information is provided to the school prior to August 17, 2023.