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Because your child deserves the opportunity to help us build a better world—one student at a time.

The Maroa-Forsyth School District's mission is to cultivate a passion for learning by challenging all students to reach their unique potential.

From kindergarten through 12th grade, our students are on a journey of learning, discovering, and growing through academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. Guiding them on this journey is a teaching and coaching staff passionate about helping each student find their own passions.

Strategic Goals arrow_forward

Learn about our goals for our schools.


Maroa-Forsyth School District curriculum sets high standards for students to help prepare them for success as adults.


From fine arts to academic teams, Maroa-Forsyth's extracurricular activities set us apart from other school districts.


Win after win, Maroa-Forsyth's competitive Trojan teams bring excitement to our dedicated fans.


In the heart of Illinois, there's a small town school district preparing students for big life experiences: Maroa-Forsyth.