Hall of Fame

The Maroa-Forsyth Community Unit School District has established the Maroa-Forsyth CUSD #2 Hall of Fame.

The focus of the Hall of Fame is to recognize excellence in achievement be it academic, fine arts, athletic, or general distinguished achievement accomplished while a student, after leaving Maroa-Forsyth schools, or a combination of both. Honorees may have attended MFCUSD #2 schools, or might never have attended MFCUSD #2 schools, but were significant and accomplished contributors that have been associated with the school. Nominees may be individuals or groups. In addition to honoring and acknowledging inductees, we hope to inspire and enlighten current students and those associated with the school, helping to foster and promote a culture of achievement and commitment to excellence and pride.

You may re-submit a previously submitted nominee, however all nominations are retained and are subject to consideration in future years. To help us in the selection process, and to provide due and appropriate consideration to your nominee, it is important that you include supporting information regarding the achievements of the nominee that you are submitting for consideration.

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The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to highlight the accomplishments of inductees with the intention that current students will be inspired by the standard of excellence and pride achieved by their predecessors. Also, it is to recognize those who have made great contributions to the Maroa-Forsyth CUSD #2 or took lessons learned while at MFCUSD #2 to the world.


The MFCUSD #2 Hall of Fame Committee will form annually, without limitation on succession, a Hall of Fame Selection Committee consisting of nine (9) members. The Selection Committee shall consist of the Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth School District, or his or her designee, a member of the MFCUSD #2 Board of Education as chosen by the Board, a member of the Maroa-Forsyth Foundation as chosen by the Foundation, a current MFSD educator as chosen by the current administration, a retired MFSD educator as chosen by the administration, a current MFSD principal, the current MFSD Athletic Director, and two at-large members chosen by the administration.

Voting Procedures

The Selection Committee will vet nominations and produce a ballot to be voted on. The Selection Committee will choose the first class from the ballot. A simple majority will be needed. All subsequent classes will be chosen by the Selection Committee and members of the MFCUSD #2 Hall of Fame. Each member of the Selection Committee and Hall of Fame member will receive one (1) vote. A nominee must obtain 60% of the vote to gain enshrinement. Teams/groups do not receive a vote.


Nominations may be submitted by any source, but all will be submitted to the Superintendent of MFCUSD #2, thereafter to be directed to the Selection Committee.


The Selection Committee shall review and select, on an annual basis, nominations for inductions submitted by Superintendent of MFCUSD#2. Selections shall be no more than ten (10) individuals and two (2) teams/groups.


Nominees’ graduating class must have graduated/departed/retired at least five (5) years prior to selection. Nominees may be individuals, groups, or teams. Achievements may be academic, athletic, in the fine arts, general distinguished achievement locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, or a combination thereof. The nature of achievements include, but are not limited to, those in business, civic, organizational, or humanitarian endeavors.

How to Nominate

Complete the nomination form, and attach a list the Nominee’s achievements and accomplishments (consider accomplishments during their time at MFCUSD #2 and after their departure, specific or general accomplishments, awards, achievements, recognitions, relating to the schools, business, organizations, society, or combination thereof).

Please submit to:

Maroa-Forsyth High School
Attn: Phil Applebee
610 W. Washington Street
Maroa, IL 61756

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